Fibercation creates ethically made clothing & home goods with all natural fibers and dyes.  We use our own fiber from the 13 alpacas we house here in Wyoming.  We love creating artful, unique pieces using different techniques including, sewing, knitting, weaving and felting. 

We dress people that dress for their lifestyle and their values and don't conform to trends.  We love bold humans that are empowered by uniqueness and ethical brands.

Our home accessories are designed for people to create a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary.

Our vision is to create sustainable clothing & accessories with a purpose and story.  


Fibercation is committed to creating thoughtful, artful pieces will high moral standards.  We want to protect the environment by using all natural and organic fibers, implementing zero waste design and using plant dyes.  

We believe that fashion and sustainability should go hand in hand. We think that your values should align with your lifestyle.  Everything from fiber, dyes and labor is held to our highest moral and ethical standards.  

We want you to feel good about what you are wearing, on the outside AND the inside.  You will truly have a story to tell when you wear our clothing.  

 We are an open book!  Our supply chain is as transparent as we can make it.  Want to visit the alpacas and the studio?  Please do, we LOVE guests! 


EDUCATION //  Rachelle is a graduate of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.  She also studied in Florence, Italy at Polimoda from 2004-2005.  Through this program she traveled to Paris for PREMIÈRE VISION - the biggest fabric/fashion market in the world, to Milan for Milan Fashion Week, and toured The Gucci factory in Florence.  After her year in Europe she returned to New York. During her last year at FIT, she interned at What Comes Around Goes Around, a company that sells vintage clothing and a new line inspired by vintage garments. 

EXPERIENCE //  She has worked in the clothing business her entire life.  She has years of retail experience stemming from her family business, TJ Formal.  She worked for them on and off for years and recently managed her own branch in Charleston, SC.  After leaving the position and Charleston she decided to head West to pursue her design career.  On her way to the coast, she found her soulmate and planted herself and her business in Laramie, Wyoming. 

PHILOSOPHY //  Rachelle believes in ethically made clothing and a zero waste system. With 13 alpacas on her homestead, she is creating a farm to fashion lifestyle.